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“Our passion behind Appel Farms cheese comes from our love of farming, family, the land, and the community that we live in, and that is what we love to share. We’re all about creating the best quality cheese for the customers we love.”

| The Secret Ingredient

Appel Farms in Ferndale, Washington, is a family owned, farmstead creamery that makes a plethora of styles of cheese which have become staples in many a Washingtonian’s crisper drawer. Ruth Appel, the farmstead’s matriarch, favors their Quark. She says that it a) launched their business and b) is incredibly versatile. Ruth recommends using it in lasagna, cheesecake, quick breads, sauces, and so much more!

| Special Delivery!

Did you know you can sign up for monthly cheese boxes from Appel Cheese to be shipped right to your door? Just look at the variety in their large box! Appel Farms offers different sizes of cheese boxes to suit the appetites and budgets of us all! Pop over to their website for details.

| The Spice of Life

Have you tried Appel Cheese’s Oregano Tomato Garlic Feta yet? It is a savory, herbaceous, and affordable artisan feta made right here in Washington. This cheese has some serious versatility, so it can be used in multiple dishes or as a gorgeous and scrumpy addition to a cheese board. Try this cheese on your next homemade pizza–you can thank us later.

| Inspiration at Your Fingertips

Have you checked out Appel Cheese’s website? They have creative recipes that utilize their cheeses, like this hefty Bacon Cheddar Burger Ring (the dipping sauce recipe is included!). Go give them a look and find your next cooking project!

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