Cherry Valley Dairy

Cherry Valley Dairy has been an architectural and agricultural feature in Duvall, Washington for more than 80 years. Today, the refurbished 122-acre dairy and its new creamery are an inspiring example of how artisanal practices and environmental stewardship can come together to nourish the community and respect the land.

| Lots to Love

We love Cherry Valley for numerous reasons, including that they prioritize sustainability; they make astoundingly scrumptious dairy products, including BUTTER; they raise a small herd of adorable Jersey cows who get lots of love and attention; and they are a crew of talented and kind folks who do a lot for the community.

Photo by Cherry Valley Dairy.

| Practicing Sustainable Dairy

Cherry Valley Dairy is a farmstead operation in Duvall, Washington, where their ladies graze on meadow pasture during the verdant months (it’s green the better part of the year here) and are fed quality fodder the rest of the time. Head cheesemaker Blain Hages tells us they raise their cows to produce A2 milk, and that they have a smaller herd to reduce their carbon footprint. This is the environmentally responsible way to produce dairy–and keeping the herd small ensures that the cows are getting the individual attention they need in order to produce the best milk possible. Happy animals = delicious milk.

Photo from Cherry Valley Dairy. 

| The Best Butter

Cherry Valley Dairy is known for their premium dairy products, though one of the things that really sets them apart is their butter, glorious cultured butter! They make an assortment with (or without) grey salt, herbs and roses, and even espresso. This slick stuff tastes similar to their fromage, in that the terroir is at the forefront. And Washington folks seek it out because it is seriously something special.

Photo from Cherry Valley Dairy. 

| A Salty Bite

Ferne’s Feta is a jersey cow’s milk feta from Cherry Valley Dairy. Depending on the season, this cheese has various degrees of blonde coloration, which adds aesthetics to the dish. It is grassy, full, and substantial with good salinity and complexity. This feta makes for a fantastic addition to a meal (if you haven’t tried that tik-tok feta/tomato/pasta dish, what are you waiting for?), but it also sits confidently on a cheese board. And, contrary to what some assume, Ferne’s Feta goes well with numerous styles of wine.

| Meet the Maker

This is Blain, head cheesemaker at Cherry Valley Dairy in Duvall, Washington. Blain is involved in many facets of this creamery’s business, including outside sales. He tells us that some of the key places to locate their delicious dairy products are: Farmstand Local Foods, Puget Sound Food Hub, PCC, Metropolitan Market, 21 Acres, Beecher’s Handmade Cheese, Canlis, DeLaurenti, Sea Wolf Bakery and more, even certain wineries.

They have on-site pick-up but do not currently sell online, so if you have an understandable hankering for rich, toothsome Jersey cow’s milk cheese, butter, and ghee, it might be time to make a little trip out to their farm.

| They're All Winners Here

Cherry Valley Dairy has consistently made premium dairy products for years, and we do not see their momentum stalling. They have received numerous awards for quality from the American Cheeese Society, and for good reason. We look forward to seeing what awards they bring home in upcoming competitions because they deserve every single award they receive.

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