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Daniel’s Artisan crafts unique, inspired cheeses handmade by a team that believes creativity and quality are the foundations of artisanship. Our philosophy is simple: use time-tested methods to craft top-notch cheese while building strong relationships with our customers… you.

| The Foundational Cheese

Bonneville is a magnificent, full fat, Syrah-cured cheese that utilizes highly revered Dubrul Vineyards Estate wine from Cote Bonneville (hence the cheese’s name). This aesthetically pleasant, local treasure has profound snackability, and we cannot recommend it enough for your next low key picnic. With some Bing Cherries, roasted hazelnuts, and a dry Lambrusco (or Beaujolais or even something jammy), palatal fireworks are sure to ensue. Everyone deserves a little Bonneville in their lives, so if you need help in locating this wine-drenched winner, feel free to contact us, and we will steer you in the right direction.

Photo from Daniel’s Artisan’s website.

| Some Like it Hot

Fuego is a pasteurized cow’s milk cheese that is freckled with jalapeños and scotch-bonnet peppers throughout the paste and rubbed with crushed, red jalapeños. This spicy, local cheese makes the best nachos ever! Not only does it provide that peppery heat that most of us require for our nachos, but it also has an epic melt and stretch factor that creates a cheese pull that goes on and on. Fuego is fantastic with lemonade iced tea, sessions beers, and lots of other quenchy drinks. If you choose to pair it with with wine, keep in mind that high alcohol exacerbates the heat in peppers, so something moderately alcoholic with a tickle of residual sugar will be best.

Photo from Rachael Lucas.

| A Winning Combination

“Daniel’s Artisan is unique (in) that this is a cheesemakers line–this is a line that is created by the cheesemaker who picks the ingredients first hand and the collaboration partners he can fully support 100%. The intent with this brand is to highlight the ‘Taste of Washington’ our great state has to offer by infusing different ingredients from local artisan producers themselves. We have had 3 successful Washington Collaborations so far and Daniel is excited to see what the future has in store for these cheeses. Bonneville is already an award winning cheese winning a 2020 Good Food Award.”

If you are admiring Daniel’s Artisan Cheese from a distance, they can ship directly to you!

Photo from Daniel’s Artisan’s website.

| Enter the Lion's Den

“A cheese that is curd-washed with Aslan’s American Stout beer. The beer we selected gives this cheese a mellow malty flavor that is neither bitter nor overpowering, just like the beer! This original American cheese recipe was crafted specifically to be paired with your choice of beer and can also be used in cheese plates, on hot or cold sandwiches, or as a snack on it’s own. Aslan is committed to organic ingredients, locally sourced goods, and being a good citizen to a thriving local community – hey, that’s our philosophy too!”

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