Ferndale Farmstead

Ferndale Farmstead Creamery is an artisan, farmstead operation, which means everything—animal husbandry, milking, cheesemaking, and affinage (the aging of cheese)—occurs on their farm. They specialize in Italian-style cheeses that utilize Italian native cultures, in order to replicate said euro boot’s formaggio that we love so (terroir is undeniably Washingtonian, however).



Fond of Fontina

It is true that most of us in the U.S. have what is known as a “new world palate.” Fontina Val D’Aosta has a distinct funk (due to its brine baths) that is not always palatable to American consumers. Enter Ferndale Farmstead Fontina. This local, artisan cheese has the appropriate Fontina cultures and a similar meltability as the Italian classic, but with a cleaner, and slightly tangier flavor profile.

Featured in the photo is one of the recipes from www.ferndalefarmstead.com. Here you see a caramelized onion, thyme, and Fontina crostini that is to die for!

A Polished Operation, From Seed to Cheese

A major benefit of a farmstead creamery operation is that the entire process is conducted and overseen by individuals who have a vested interest in producing the best, highest quality cheese possible. Ferndale Farmstead’s handle, “From Seed to Cheese,” entails just that. From the culmination of the feed in their fields, to cherry-picked farmers who prioritize nutritious fodder and excellent animal husbandry, to meticulous cheesemaking artistry and affinage–Ferndale Farmstead Creamery has polished and perfected their process from start-to-finish. This is why folks in Washington maintain that Ferndale Farmstead’s Italian-style formaggio is some of the best cheese our country has to offer. To say we are proud would be an understatement.


The Good Food Awards address not only delicious fare, but they also take into account sustainability practices, and everything the operation encompasses. We are THRILLED for Ferndale Farmstead, whose Smokey Scamorza (the rope-bound, stretched-curd beauty in the photo) and Fontina received top honors in the 2021 Good Food Awards! Way to go, Ferndale Farmstead Creamery, and thank you for taking such care to ensure the cheese we eat is of the utmost quality.

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