Golden Glen Creamery

Golden Glen Creamery is a small production, farmstead dairy from Bow, Washington. They oversee a small herd of Holstein, Guernsey, and Jersey cows who produce high quality milk for an array of cheeses, butter, and dairy in all delicious forms.

| From Green to Gold

One great thing about western Washington is, due to an abundance of gentle rainfall, we have very lush pastures that are rich in nutrients for our ruminants to enjoy. Golden Glen Creamery’s butter is a direct expression of this terroir.

Photo from Golden Glen Creamery.

| Available All Over

Golden Glen Creamery has been making quality dairy products for a very long time, which means you can find their products at numerous locations throughout Washington.

Photo from Golden Glen Creamery.

| Who's the Cheese of the Month?

Have you ever wondered how you can get your hands on Golden Glen Creamery’s fromage on a regular basis? It’s easier than you think! Just go to their website, and sign up for their monthly cheese club.

Photo from Golden Glen Creamery. 

| The Perfect Drinking Partner

Golden Glen Creamery makes an array of cheddars of various ages. Their medium cheddar stands out as an amicable pairing partner because of its easy-to-eat flavor profile, a coating creaminess, and its lack of rind (rinds can be tricky to couple with substances that have volatile compounds, like wine). This cheese goes well with beer, whiskey, a vast variety of wines, ciders, kombucha, shrubs, soda, and basically anything you want. If you want something simple to buttress your libation, look no further!

Photo from Rachael Lucas.

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