Sagging Fence Farm

Sagging Fence Farm is a small, farmstead goat dairy licensed to make cheese since 2014.

| Small, But Focused

Sagging Fence Farm, in Port Orchard, Washington, is a micro-creamery that maintains a very small herd of goats. These folks make one raw-milk Tomme-style to sell, and that’s that! There is something to be said for a creamery that dedicates its energy to solely perfecting one fromage.

| Inspired By a Love of Cooking

Sagging Fence Farm is a mini-operation in which Juli and Bob Fisher raise a herd of Nubian goats and produce small batches of raw milk cheese by hand. When asked what inspired them to become cheesemakers, Juli replied:

“Bob is a former cook and enjoys making things from scratch. We began with simple chevre and then started making other cheese. At the time getting fresh unpasteurized milk was difficult so [we] looked into getting our own goats. That was some 20 years ago. Then we had to learn to care for them, breed them, etc.”

| Look No Further

Sagging Fence Farm makes one cheese for sale. It is a raw milk, Tomme-style, aged goat cheese that is available at the Port Orchard Farmers Market April-October, and year-round at Quality Cheese in Pike Place Market,, Kitsap Fresh, and at the farm (by appointment). They also ship, so if you are profoundly curious about this sole tomme, rest assured that you can get your hands on it! Just go to

| Better With Age

Sagging Fence Farm produces this gorgeous raw goat’s milk tomme by hand in small batches. They set some aside for another year of aging, which becomes an outstanding grating cheese, that they refer to as Old Goat. If you have trouble digesting other milk-types, you may want to give their Old Goat a go. Because nobody deserves to eat their pasta sans copious amounts of delicious cheese on top, don’t you agree?

| The Best Goat For the Job

Sagging Fence Farm makes raw milk cheese from a breed of goats called Nubian. Nubian goats are large and are known for their long, floppy ears and angular faces. They are tolerant of high temperatures and have a long breeding season. Nubians produce less milk with a higher amount of solids than the majority of other dairy goats. Their milk’s butter fat content is around 5%, which is significant. As we all are familiar with the adage that fat equals flavor, this is certainly the case when considering dairy and cheesemaking.

| Shop Your Values

If you value supporting local creameries where the animals are content and well cared for, look no further than Sagging Fence Farm in Port Orchard, WA. They treat their goats like royalty, and it translates into the raw goat cheese that they produce. Go to for details on how to get your hands on the good stuff.

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