Toboton Creek Farm

Toboton Creek Farm operates a raw-milk goat dairy and makes hard and soft cheeses. Our goats graze on 10+ acres of grass and are fed a rich alfalfa hay diet and supplemental diet for necessary minerals. Our new dairy adds to our Boer meat goat and we are able to offer ever more goat products. Watch us bloom and try all of them.

| A Bona Fide Microcreamery

Toboton Creek Farm is a small dairy operation in Yelm, WA. They produce raw, Grade A goat milk which they sell in its pure form as liquid milk, and in the value-added format of cheese.
Photo borrowed from Toboton Creek Farm

| Where Animals are King

Toboton Creek Farm raises a multitude of farm animals and produces a variety of fare (including goat’s milk and cheese) that can be obtained locally in Yelm and Olympia.
Here’s what Dan and Lynda have to say about their farm: “We believe that we are the natural stewards of the land and our livestock. The health and safety of our animals is our upmost priority. The farm dogs are an essential part of their livestock’s safety. We love visitors! Come visit our farm.”
Photo borrowed from Toboton Creek Farm

| A Natural Array of Options

Toboton Creek Farm makes raw goat’s milk cheese by hand, in small batches. Using raw milk in cheesemaking offers a greater deal of flavor and aromatic complexity. At the same time, you often get a less consistent product as the beneficial microbes in raw milk can have a mind of their own! Some of the raw goat’s milk cheeses that Toboton Creek Farm offers include Cheddar, Feta, Caerphilly, Edam, Parmesan, Gouda, and more. Pop over to their website for details on where you can access these raw-milk marvels.
Photo borrowed from Toboton Creek Farm

| Im-PRESS-ive Equipment

Check out this cool cheese press set-up at Toboton Creek Farm. All cheesemakers have their own contraptions used to expel whey from the curd, and this one is both functional and adorable.
Photo borrowed from Toboton Creek Farm

| A Legal Rarity

Among the diverse variety of Toboton Creek Farm cheeses, they make a Feta from raw goat’s milk. The FDA rule for raw milk cheese is that it must be aged for a minimum of 60 days, which is just what Toboton Creek Farm does. We have some excellent Feta produced in Washington state–most of it made from pasteurized milks–and this unpasteurized goat version is right up there at the top deliciousness-wise.
Photo borrowed from Toboton Creek Farm

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