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Twin Sisters Creamery is a small family business specializing in handmade Artisan Cheese. Inspired by our twin daughters to pursue our dream of becoming cheesemakers, we opened our brand new creamery in Ferndale, WA in August 2015. We proudly produce Whatcom Blue Cheese and Farmhouse Cheeses made with raw Jersey Cows milk. Guests can visit our full retail cheese shop featuring up to 80 local and imported cheeses, and watch cheese being made through our large viewing windows into the production room

Twin Sisters Creamery in Ferndale, Washington commenced their artisan cheesemaking business in 2015 with a blue cheese called Whatcom Blue. This locally revered fromage is modeled after a beloved French classic, Fourme D’Ambert. Note the blonde hue of its paste, thanks to the high quality, raw Jersey milk that is used to create this approachable, rich, smack-your-lips-together, delight of a blue cheese. Whatcom Blue crumbles well, and it is a scrumptious, aesthetically pleasant addition to any cheese board.

| Tried, Trusted, and True

One issue with cheesemakers creating a large variety of fromage is a lack of focus on perfecting any one recipe. Twin Sisters Creamery, however, has spent a number of years crafting, revamping, and tweaking the recipes for their Whatcom Blue and Farmhouse styles into the edible art that we have grown to know and love. Enter their new creation: a mustard seed farmhouse cheese. You still get the creamy, rich, Jersey cheese that we so revere, but with a generous intermittence of mustard! Full production has commenced, which means we will be seeing this beauty on the refrigerated shelves of our local stores very soon!

| Creating a Space for Cheeses

Did you know Twin Sisters Creamery has their own on-site cheese shop in Ferndale, Washington? This shop has everything you need to put together your next cheese board, including a nice selection of wine and other accompaniments. If you are strapped for time or just don’t feel creative, they will construct a cheese platter for you, and wow are they skilled at platters! Twin Sisters’ shop is open from 12:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m., Wednesday through Saturday. They offer curbside pick-up to keep you safe, if you’d like. Go to their website for more details. Looks like a little road trip may be in order!

| The Perfect Partner

It can be intimidating trying to couple brazen, cantankerous wines, like this Taurasi Sant Andrea DOCG (a profound expression of Aglianico), with fromage. Twin Sisters Creamery Farmhouse Cheese is an excellent pairing partner for a tannic, full-bodied red. It is a raw cow’s milk, full-fat, surprisingly creamy, everyday eater that softens tannins, disarms acidity, and buttresses subtle nuances that may otherwise go unnoticed in a rascally red. Moreover, this farmhouse original is a solid choice for a cheese platter because everyone, and we mean EVERYONE, loves it. And why not?

| Better with Beer

It is no secret that Washington is one of America’s food hubs. For we pride ourselves in our comestible diversity. Two of the myriad ingestibles we do impeccably well are cheese and beer. If you are in the Seattle area, then you absolutely must put this Twin Sisters Creamery mustard farmhouse cheese and Holy Mountain Brewing’s The Goat into your belly asap! There is nothing like a rustic Saison with a scrumpy, mustard-laden, saline fromage to titillate your senses!

| An American Original

Twin Sisters Creamery has the distinction of being among the few creators of cheese classified as An American Original. For their raw cow’s milk Farmhouse renditions, the curds are neither washed nor machine milled, and no cheddaring or pressing of any kind occurs. Rather, the curds are strategically cut to maintain some moisture, and they knit together to create a wonderfully smooth, saline, verdant farmhouse-style that we Washingtonians are proud to call ours.

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