Educational Opportunities

Dairy Foods Virtual Office Hours / June 28, 2022, 9:00 a.m. – 10:00 a.m.

By Cornell College of Agriculture and Life Sciences

Microbiological testing for quality and safety throughout the grass to glass continuum is necessary to identify deficiencies in practices and drive continuous improvement. Dr. Nicole Martin, Associate Director of the Milk Quality Improvement Program at Cornell, will present “Microbiological Testing Methods in the Dairy Industry” and discuss the utility of testing for groups of indicator organisms and pathogens in raw milk, finished products and environments, including best practices for ensuring that safe, high-quality dairy products are delivered to consumers.

Following the presentation, a panel of experts from the Dairy Foods Extension program will address your questions during a moderated Q & A.

Open to anyone in the food industry from farm to fork.

Registration open now.  / Free to all.

New York International Cheese Competition/ July 11, 2022

By International Beverage Competitions

We are excited for our upcoming 2nd Annual New York International Cheese Competition on July 11th. All of our judges are real trade buyers judging the entries by its category and actual price. These are the trade buyers from top stores that producers want to be in front of.  It allows you to be discovered as well as reconnect with the buyers in a blind taste test.

This competition is open to all commercially produced products and it does not have to be sold/distributed/imported in New York or even the United States; open to all commercially produced products from around the world.

It is our philosophy that trade buyers–the cheesemongers and buyers who interact with the consumer know what the consumer wants. It is the same philosophy we have for our other competitions including the which are part of our 

Winners Receive:

  • A 2” physical medal
  • Digital image and score for free use in your marketing materials
  • Option to buy stickers and or sticker license for packaging
  • Top winners showcased on our site the
  • Top winners included in our pairings with our site the

Now accepting submissions.  / $100 per SKU; get $10 off with code WASHINGTON22

World Dairy Expo Championship Dairy Product Contest / July 15, 2022

By Wisconsin Dairy Products Association

In 2021, the World Dairy Expo Championship Dairy Product Contest exceeded 1,500 product entries. To reach this milestone in such a short period of time is an unprecedented accomplishment. This phenomenal growth is a direct result of the tremendous interest the entire dairy industry has in this contest. This Championship Dairy Product Contest is completely unique, being the only one of its kind to include all dairy products. Dairy manufacturers are enthusiastically embracing this exciting competition. It’s the only all-encompassing contest which offers judging classes for a wide variety of cheese, butter, ice cream, whey and Grade A dairy products.

Why Enter This Contest:

  • Winning companies parlay their success into tremendous marketing opportunities and enhanced sales. These companies are afforded unprecedented opportunities to promote and market their products as the “best of the best”.
  • Even non-winning companies receive great benefits. With each entry being evaluated by professional, certified dairy product judges, companies entering products receive the judge’s evaluation sheets after the contest and are able to see how their products were rated. This enables companies to modify their product formulas for improved taste, texture, etc.
  • A vast majority of companies who have entered the contest in the past tend to enter every year since they clearly see the positive benefits and the return on investment value.

Now accepting submissions.  / $65 per entry

Code Red Series, Part 4: Dairy & Greenhouse Gas Emissions / July 23, 2022, 11:00 a.m.

By American Cheese Society

From makers to mongers, from retailers to customers – we all play an integral role in the world of cheese. As stakeholders in food supply, we have a responsibility to sustainability, both to the consumer and the changing climate of Earth. But with sometimes competing domains what do we really have a say on the matter? What are we doing now? What more can we do?

Climate change affects us all.

The Code Red Series features conversations between industry experts in the dairy and agricultural industries through the lens of sustainability and climate change. Each subject matter expert will engage in conversation with our host and co-host and share insights based on their research and practical expertise. Not only will you get to hear from these specialists, but you’ll be able to bring your own specific questions. Together we will better understand food supply and sustainability around this food we all love – cheese!

This fourth and final part of the Code Red Series will be hosted as an in-person panel for the 2022 ACS Annual Conference. Joining our moderator Tim Hammerich will be panelists Bill Wavrin, D.V.M. from Ferndale Farmstead Cheese, Kurt Dammeier, founder of Beechers Handmade Cheese & Mishima Reserve, and Curt Gooch, Animal Science Environmental Systems & Sustainability, Cornell University, and Board Member of Dairy Management Inc.

Registration open now.  / $10 per session or $25 for all four

“Blazing the Trail for Cheese”: Annual Conference / Portland, Oregon / July 20-23, 2022

By American Cheese Society

Conference favorites like Meet the CheesemakerJudging & Competition AwardsMidnight MongersCheese Crawl and more will be back!  Education sessions will be offered Thursday – Saturday with topics covering:

  • “Philosophy Behind the Farm: A Panel of Diverse Small Ruminant Operations” (Featuring Kathryn Spann, Prodigal Farm and Mariana Marques de Almeida, Mrs. J & Co. along with a large panel of experts)
  • “What Grows Together Goes Together: Oregon’s Dynamic Geological History and Terroir” (A tasting session with Katie Bray, Oregon Cheese Guild, Scott Burns, Portland State University, and Jim Bernau, Willamette Valley Vineyards)
  • “Cheese gone bad? Microbial Challenges and Potential Solutions” (A food safety and food science session from an incredible group of panelists from Oregon State University)

And so much more! Registration open now.  / $245-$850

Business Resources
  • Local and Regional Food Systems Response to COVID : Webinar series on business topics relevant local food producers and organizations
  • Edible Alpha : Financial training and resources for making money in food.

  • NWIRC Northwest Innovation Resource Center : The NWIRC is a strategic partner for innovators – entrepreneurs and inventors – to help bring their ideas to life.

  • NABC Northwest Agriculture Business Center : NABC helps farmers establish new enterprises, and helps make existing businesses more profitable, by providing business feasibility, planning and implementation guidance, connections to markets and capital, and access to resources.

  • Small Business Administration/ SCORE mentorships : The SBA helps Americans start, build and grow businesses. SCORE volunteers work with the SBA to provide small business mentoring and training to entrepreneurs through SBA offices.

  • Specialty Food Association Learning Center: The SFA is a membership-based trade association founded in 1952 and currently representing 3,500+ businesses. The SFA vision is to “Shape the Future of Food.” Our members are specialty food artisans, purveyors, importers and entrepreneurs, as well as distributors, retailers, and others involved in the specialty food trade.

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Past Presentations

Nathan Stacey, “Popular Farming Concepts and their Link to Dairies.” Presented at WASCA Annual Member Meeting. January 21, 2022.

Courtney C. Johnson, “Introduction to Our 2021 USDA Farmers Market Promotion Program Grant Award.” Presented at WASCA Annual Member Meeting. January 21, 2022.

Daniel Wing. “Educational Webinar on Food Safety and Testing for the Washington State Cheesemakers Association.” Presented in an online webinar. September 20, 2021.

Gigi Berardi, “Washington Cheese Challenges and Opportunities in Making and Selling Sustainable and Delicious Cheese. FoodWise Stories and Science: Cultivating Customers.” Presented at WASCA Annual Member Meeting. January 29, 2021.