Our Programs

WASCA and its partners are teaming up to provide resources and opportunities to cheesemakers that are unavailable to individuals. Building strength and community in the industry benefits not only the cheesemakers but related industries, suppliers, and consumers. Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much.


Organization meetings and meet-ups, public-facing Meet the Cheesemaker events, festivals, and cheese tasting and pairing workshops give opportunities in building relationships and education for the community of enthusiasts and cheese lovers around the state.


Group buying discounts give the cheesemaker the ability to be more efficient and cost effective. This opens the door to more consumer opportunities. If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself.

Collaborative Advertising

Running a cheesemaking business is hard enough without adding all the related demands of marketing and sales. Working as a team, we can promote cheese and give the public an opportunity to learn of cheeses that they would not otherwise learn about and be able to enjoy.

Sponsorship Opportunities

Our sponsors are investing in the industry now with a view to the future. The Washington Cheese industry is growing at a phenomenal rate; sponsors and industry partners are aware of the potential and are forward thinkers and innovators.

Want to Get Involved?

We are a largely volunteer-run organization, with a volunteer board of directors and volunteer-led committees. Members and non-members alike are welcome to join our committees and the work of making Washington cheese better than ever. We have five committees:

  • Buying Committee
  • Education and Regulations Committee
  • Grant Applications Committee
  • Marketing Committee
  • Membership Committee

If you’d like to make a difference for our local cheesemaking community by volunteering on one of our committees, please send us an email stating which commitee(s) you would like to join, and we will connect you with that committee’s chairperson.

Your Support Matters.

Make a Donation.

We are a member-based non-profit organization and rely on support from our members and fellow cheese lovers. If you value the mission of WASCA and want to support us in our work, we would be hugely grateful. Any amount appreciated.

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