Washington Cheesemakers

In 2005 there were fewer than 10 registered cheesemakers in Washington State. Now we boast more than 45 and growing–not just in numbers, but also in variety and diversity.


Years Serving Our Communities

WASCA is a young organization but already making an impact in the communities around Washington State and that impact is expanding every day.


Cheeses Made Right Here

Washington State’s cheese selections are vast. The diverse number includes cheeses from small family farms and artisan cheesemakers. Many of these cheeses are available only at farmer’s markets. We encourage everyone to seek out these wonderful treasures.

Our Mission: Support.

Washington State Cheesemakers Association works to support Washington cheese and cheesemakers through education, promotion, and collaboration amongst its members and partners.

In the past decade, there has been substantial growth in the production of high quality cheeses in Washington State. Today, Washington cheesemakers offer an enormous variety and diversity. More than 50 licensed cheesemakers in the state offer farmstead or off-the-farm, artisan or conventional, small-batch or large-batch, original or traditional-style cheeses from cow, goat, and sheep’s milk. There is certainly no shortage of choices.

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